Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thick Titanium's Here!

Top photo:
Sharkstooth damascus Thumbnail
Long Baby Pacu. The first piece I made to try out the new titanium shipment. I also practiced heat coloring with a torch. At first, I got an amazing contrast of colors, but got "greedy" and tried to control the patterning to get the tiger striping effect so many others are able to get. I've heard that beadblasting the finish before hand helps. Anyway, I tried numerous other times, before just giving up and letting it be light blue (for the most part).
Middle photo:
An ultralean titanium Hammerhead. The stock was not quite wide enough to allow for a regular sized Hammerhead, but I wanted to see what I could do anyway. This one will remain a one of a kind piece, as I'll probably get wider material before making more of the Hammerheads.
A large Thumbnail type piece that is thicker and longer than most other pieces. It also has nicely radiused edges down the sides:)
Bottom photo:
An example of the three tools I'll be making from the .190" thick barstock shipment.
Baby Pacu, Betta, and Minnows


Jacob said...

sweeet keep up the great work

peterxyz said...

I have to say although I have a couple of nice hammerheads and I love the heft of the pry-bar, the thumbnail lives on my keyring and is fabulously useful

Brett said...

Fantastic work with the new thick titanium. And that thumbnail looks amazing.

Thanks again for the truly unique and artful tools.

The Lynx's Lair said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words, and for allowing me to do what I do.

And thanks again Peter for the nice surprise; I use it every day:)

Jacob said...

Looks like you got cleaned out today. So whats next on your list??