Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DotMatrix Pacu and Raindrop Betta

Camera's acting crazy again, and the colors are coming up screwy. Here are the latest two damascus pieces: one Raindrop Betta, and one DotMatrix Pacu. Both of these turned out pretty nice.
I have two patterns of damascus that when finished, I'm not happy with. The Fireball and Sharkstooth pattern stock I have both appear to have impurities in parts of the bar or something in one of the steel layers. Although handled and finished exactly the same way, they just don't produce the smoothness and visual appeal of the other patterns (which is a shame, because they are really neat). With this batch, I also finished up a Fireball Betta, that exhibits the problem. Structurally, I'm sure it's fine, but because of its appearance, I can't sell it as "first" quality. I'll likely either sell these pieces at a heavily discounted price (as seconds), or I'll give them as bonuses for certain orders. For anyone taking both pieces above, I'll include the Fireball Betta for free to serve as "user". I'll also try to start listing these pieces in the "Seconds" section of the website, so keep an eye out:)

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Jacob said...

awsome keep up the good work