Sunday, May 31, 2009

Couple of New Damascus Pieces

Here are a couple of pics of the last couple pieces I've managed to finish up. One is a tiny plankton sized ladder damascus Pacu. I made it for someone, and really like how it's small, damascus, and entirely functional:)
The other piece is a Vines and Roses Prymate (Jake, you must be psychic). I've been trying to scale most of the tools down to 2.5", which is the length of this piece:)


Jacob said...

whoaa no comments whats up guys and dolls. Keep the conversations coming. Those are sweet new pieces JDR, keep up the good work.

mjmcdowell said...

I have orderd 3 little tools for my key ring, unnnnh, I hate to wait, never could, bummer guess I will just have to, ahh, the suspense! I think I have another addiction here, there is no hope for me, this website is going to cost me......Yes!! MJMcDowell