Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Small Batch

top picture:
left: "Moonscape" hammerdinged surface on a Pryrranha made from D.Thomas Dot Matrix stainless damascus
middle: Raindrop Pacu
right: Fireball Pacu
Both the Moonscape DM Pryrranha, and the Raindrop Pacu are both sold, but I should be listing the Fireball Pacu on the site this evening, along with the MegaMosaicMoai (though I forgot to get a smaller picture of it).
bottom picture:
Titanium Moai with 15 1/8" mosaic pins. 3 types of pins, 5 of each type. The previous record for pins I've put in a piece (that I can remember anyway) is 7:)

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Jacob said...

Sweeeeet stuff keep it up