Thursday, June 17, 2010

Large Stainless Damascus Batch: Installment 3

Here are the last 4 pieces from the recent batch of Chad Nichols' stainless damascus.
left to right:
Constitution Baby Pacu
Iguana Baby Pacu
Iguana Hammerhead
Lizard Minnow

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Assorted Stainless Damascus Installment 2

2nd group of 4 from the last big stainless damascus batch.
left to right
Constitution Pacu
Iguana Pryranha
Lizard Mini Makemake
Lizard Unnamed Tool (Finless Pryranha, or Choil-less Baby Pacu)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stainless Damascus Makemakes and Thumbnails

These five are the most recent I've finished from the latest batch of Chad Nichols' stainless damascus.
top left: Constitution Makemake
top center: Iguana Makemake
top right: Lizard Makemake
bottom left: Constitution Thumbnail
bottom right: Lizard Thumbnail

Friday, June 4, 2010

High Carbon/Contrast Damascus Mini Makemake Batch

Here are front and back pics of the first actual "batch" of high carbon damascus that I just finished up. All vary in thickness, according to that of the barstock each piece is made from.
left to right/bottom:Raindrop, Lizard, Calligraphy, Iguana, Crooked Iguana (I turned it diagonally when making it), and Cheetah (one of my new favs).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hammerhead in High Carbon/High Contrast Hiro Hito Damascus

My apologies for the overly blue hue of the pics. The white background coupled with the baby blue hue of the tools must have weirded out the camera autofocus settings.
This one is a Hammerhead handmade from Chad Nichols' Hiro Hito carbon damacus.

Mosaic Finless Pryranhas

Here is a custom order in titanium with mosaic pins that I just finished up. They are based on the Pryranha design and are more keychain friendly in my opinion, featuring what I consider to be the two most important functions in a keychain tool...a good bottleopener and a pryedge. One has a wider edge (more like my usual tools), and one is narrow. I'm thinking of making these a regular offering on the website.

JDR Lizard Stainless Damascus Hammerhead

Here is the first Lizard Hammerhead handmade from Chad Nichols' Lizard stainless damascus.