Friday, May 8, 2009

Latest Damascus Group

These all turned out really nice, and a couple are already spoken for:)
left: One of a kind piece I made from the end of a bar of Ladder Twist that has an interesting pattern.
center: Spirograph Pryrranha
right: Vines and Roses Pacu
left: lightly etched high contrast Basketweave Pacu (as opposed to the deeper etched antique finish) made for someone by request
center: Ladder Twist Pacu (looks like exotic tiger striping or something similar)
right: Ladder Pacu
All pieces are made from Devin Thomas's stainless damascus.
I'll try to get the pieces that are available up on the website sometime this afternoon or evening.
Clicking on the pictures should reveal a large detailed version of the photos:)


Jacob said...

sweet keep up the good work.!!!

Neal said...

Really like that Top left piece.