Friday, April 24, 2009

Thick Titanium Mosaic Baby Pacu

Here's one featuring 3 1/8" mosaic pins; it's made from the last bit of the same thick ti stock I made the Behemothfish run from.

This one's spoken for, but I'm on the hunt for more titanium barstock:)


Jacob said...

that looks awsome.
Great work. Keep it up.

Brett said...

That's exceptionally beautiful. Can you let us know how you do the mosaic part? It's truly the most unique meta-work that I've ever seen.

Jacob said...

How about a damascus leaf cutter type knife. Now that would be sweet. Or maybe a Damascus
"Golf" Divot Tool. Whooooaaa that would be cool tooo.

Grim said...

Great, another piece to covet from afar. ;)

Anonymous said...


That looks great, I will take one if available!!!

Barry G.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty sweet! The mosaic pins make it pop. Even sweeter, because I think it's mine! :)


The Lynx's Lair said...

Thanks everyone!:)

The mosaic pins were purchased from one of the online knife supply shops. There are several folks who make them, including some knifemakers who make up their own in the shop. From what I've seen of the process, you begin with brass, copper, nickel/silver, stainless steel, etc. tubing, and then insert different sizes of your chosen metal(s) wires arranged to produce a pattern, and fill with a special epoxy. The whole thing dries and sets, and can then be cut into pieces and inserted into knife handles, tools, or whatever else. I then just grind the remainder flush with the surface. I'm getting ready to place an order for some new patterns as I'm running out of the 1/8" size.
I'm also looking into ordering some titanium barstock on Monday, as I think I found a supply I can use:)

I'll send you an email this evening Barry:)

Ike said...

Can't wait to see what's coming next. That Antique Raindrop Hammerhead hasn't left my pocket yet!