Friday, April 10, 2009

Antique Vines and Roses Trio

A group shot of the last 3 pieces of stainless damascus. Vines and Roses patterned Minnow, Baby Pacu, and Hammerhead. The patterning on the pryedges of these pieces is amazing:) Looks like scales or netting.


Jacob said...

I cannot believe no one is posting. I want to see some darned posts people. Let's go. If you love the Links then lets see some support. His stuff is original and one of a kind. No one else is doing stuff like the JDR. No one. So lets support the guy so he can continue to create and demonstrate his talent and capabilities.

Anonymous said...

I have some of JDR's pieces and they are truly exceptional.

I have Custom knives that were extremely expensive and I can tell you that Joshua's stuff will outwork - and outlast them.

All made with attention to every detail.

I'm in the market for more I his stuff, I can tell you that.

Ski Lodge

Anonymous said...

I have recently discovered Joshua's work and I agree - his pieces are are very exceptional! The idea of pocket tools is a great one, and these are very precisely and artfully made.

I have purchased several very nice JDR pieces over that last few weeks, and I have appreciated each and every one. John's comment about them matching up to very expensive custom knives rings true for me too, and the "playability" factor might even be greater.

I hesitated to post this, because if everyone knew how nice Joshua's work is, it will be harder for me to get some more. ;-) However, that is not cool. This is functional artwork - experience it for yourself.


The Lynx's Lair said...

Thank you all so much for the kind words; all the support and well-wishes really do mean a great deal to me:)

Anonymous said...

I've got several of Joshua's damascus pieces, including his first five pieces. I think his latest stuff is fantastic. The grinds are clean, his heat-treating seems spot on, and his etching really looks great. I'm looking forward to having him do some more damascus pieces for me. Way to go Josh!

- Joe Gonzalez

Jacob said...

Yep JDR does have the talent and experties. Now how about a Damascus steel Golf Tool.
Maybe a Damascus divot Tool with a pocket clip for easy carry. Or a Damascus Divot tool that is mini sized but will do the job.
Wow that would be very cool.