Monday, April 27, 2009

Good News Concerning Damascus:)

I've redone the math after shopping around, and think I can actually lower prices some on the pieces now that I can get the material a little cheaper. Initial investments such as etchant can be reused and I've improved some in efficiency They should be around $20 less per piece, and though it's not much, every little bit helps:)


Ike said...

That's fantastic! Bring on some new Damascus! Best wishes,

Brett said...

That's excellent news but remember that you also need to cover your costs, plan for your future work and make a respectable profit. I'm not suggesting that you make prices needlessly high, just that you don't neglect any of your business factors.

What ever you do please keep up the great work and don't become so popular that it becomes a struggle to buy your pieces.

Ike said...

Nice comment by Brett and I agree completely. This is a premium product, a work of art, and deserves to be priced accordingly.