Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Prymera Available

I just listed these two on the website. I'm really pleased with how they turned out:)

Click on the pics for a detailed closeup.


Jacob said...

These Prymera's are completely awsome. It's nice to beable to purchase quality tools. I think we have a winner here folks.

JDR "The Links" is the the man. I can an will attest that his tools are superior quality and super fun to mess around with. Not only that but when your showing off your knives and gadgets, to your friends I guarantee JDR's stuff will top the plate.
No joke JDR is the REAl DEAL.

UKSFighter said...

Right on Jacob. JDR is pimpin some sweet tools.

Jacob said...

I would love to see some more Barracudas with the new edge and the links logo. Man those are sweet.

Anonymous said...

People who love gadgets and mini tools and the coolest stuff available, This is the hot spot.
JDR tools are just as good if not better than>
"The one who cannot be Named"
You know who, The other guy who makes cool stuff too. The only difference is that JDR has the really nice stuff "IN Stock"
I think the reason for that is that enough people just havn't caught on yet. I have a feeling that is going to change because this site is blowin up.

Jacob said...

We need more Bloggers I just don't see why more people aren't hooked on JDR. Look at the stuff he makes. It's freakin awsome. The Prymera's have been posted for two days now. I all ready bought two. Otherwise I would buy them all. People if you think you can get tools like this, well reality check you can't. No one else does this kind of work. JDR is offering a service and it's a blessing he's doing this. Becuase no one else is. If you like it buy it. Because if you don't we may not have this opportunity to purchase cool tools again, Especially because things on the "Horizon May Change" and we don't want to loose a great artist like JDR

The Lynx's Lair said...

Thank you for the kind words and support y'all!:) I really appreciate all of the kindness that you all have shown me, and look forward to doing this as long as I can.

Congrats to the Oregon State Beavers on their incredible victory over the #1 ranked team in college football last night! Bet it was crazy in Corvallis.


How 'Bout Them Cowboys?!!!!:)

Jacob said...

It was Crazy in Corvallis, Wow what a game, didn't get to watch it but who cares OSU won. The Jail was pretty crazy, I have a friend at BCCF in Corvallis that worked last night, he had some good stories. Keep up the good work

Jacob said...

I wonder if JDR will ever make a Mini version of the Prymera? Whoooooo that would be awsome???????????

spiff d: said...

Drop Point Keychain Blade with holey/skeletonized handle made from CPM S30V.
Kydex sheath and lanyard fob included with this one.
I think revisit to above w/ GID be perfect. I sure would like one :P~

Josh, believer in possibility said...

Joshua, how about a Prymera with a ring for the pinkie? :)