Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Prymera

Same as the one below, but I added a couple of 1/4" mosaic pins in the handle, and gave it a "glowy eye".


UKSFighter said...

Looks really cool man, love the Lynx logo as well. Very nice work, keep your chin up and keep plugging away. Good things will come.


d: said...

nice, a glow dot in the handle be useful when in the sheath.
any pix of the new design yet?

Anonymous said...

Great Design, Missed the sale over the weekend, hopefully i can get my hands on one. Also, hope you put the glow dots into your production ones. Keep it up, JOE

The Lynx's Lair said...

Thanks everyone:)
I drilled a small hole in the kydex sheath where the glow dot eye sits, and it now shows through when in the sheath. I've been using this one for everything, and hit it up on a Sharpmaker. I must have gotten lucky, as this thing is now the sharpest blade I own. Hope I can get the others done this well;)

spiff d: said...

Carbon Fiber Mosaic FireAnt are way cool, too late and see a sold sign.

Maybe something like that in G10?

btw, good idea on the sheath for the gid eye. :P