Friday, September 12, 2008


Wikipedia lists the genetic definition of the word chimera here:

In zoology, a chimera is an animal that has two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells that originated in different zygotes; if the different cells emerged from the same zygote, it is called a mosaicism. Chimerism is rare in human beings: there have been only about 40 reported cases.
Chimeras are formed from four parent cells (two fertilized eggs or early embryos fuse together) or from three parent cells (a fertilized egg is fused with an unfertilized egg or a fertilized egg is fused with an extra sperm). Each population of cells keeps its own character and the resulting animal is a mixture of tissues. An analogy is two jigsaw puzzles cut using an identical cutter, but with different pictures. A single puzzle can be made out of the mis-matched parts, but the completed puzzle will show parts of both pictures.

Inspired by the Graham Bros.' Razel and Peter Atwood's Son of PryThing, I call it the Prymera.


4 5/8" in length

~1 1/4" in width at the fat end

just over 5/32" in thickness

Material: CPM S30V

full edge right hand flat chisel ground blade

main wide pryedge/scraper

reversed grippy areas aligned to improve grip with specific tool usage

similar style bottle opener as on many of my tools

large flathead screwdriver/secondary pry edge on end of handle

thong/lanyard hole

two 1/4" holes

New lynx logo stamp

kydex sheath

pictured is the basic offering. I'm thinking of making some with a G10 scale and mosaics and maybe some with a glow dot in the "eye" :)


spiff d: said...

cool, g10 would be nice on larger piece.... i would like also to see a super long blade design for camp use :)

Jacob said...

YOur work is the tops man.
Keep it up. The Prymera looks awsome I can't wait to recieve it.

The Lynx's Lair said...

thanks y'all!:)

I'll give that a try on the next batch. These are labor intensive, but are lots of fun to make. I couldn't be happier with how the first couple have turned out.

Jacob, if you see this, Thank You! Also, send me an email when you get the chance and I'll get you all the delivery/tracking info. Paypal never seems to alert me when you make a purchase, and I'm not sure how often you get to check the email they list for you.