Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Update: HeatTreat!

Update: Been feeling sort of poorly for the last couple of days, but did manage to finish up my birthday present to myself. Pics above of the glowy Itajara Captain:)

I have a batch of ten of the new knives in the heat treat cycle right now. It's about an eight hour process or more for CPM 3V, as they require three tempers at 2 hours each, as opposed to the usual two required for CPM S30V and many other steels.
I also have my fantasy football draft scheduled for this evening, and will be busy trying to balance both. If I can't get to them for finishing tonight, I hope to tomorrow:)
Also waiting on some big orders of steel, and some glow powder that could show up in tomorrow's mail.
My 34th Birthday is Wednesday, and I'm hoping to put some glowy dots on my Itajara Captain (present to myself):)


Anonymous said...

Those glow dots are awesome! I hope you incorporate them into some of your pieces, but do it slow, otherwise you will break the bank here.


spiff d: said...

very nice...
happy bday