Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last of the Itajara on the Way

Updated: Above is the pic of the final 3 titanium Itajara. The Boss is missing, as I still have some work to do on it;)

Above is a pic of #s 2-4. I'm trying to finish up the last 4 tonight. Not sure which finishes I'll use, but I doubt I'll put the Vnotch on anymore of them. I need to purchase another triangle file as mine is almost done for. The last piece (#8 of 8; not numbered) is going to be the "matriarch" of the "school" and will be even larger than the previous 7. I'm thinking of calling it the Itajara Captain, or maybe the Itajara Boss. I may decide to keep it for myself too, as I've been wanting one of these;) I'll update with a current pic when available.

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