Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mosaic Damascus Cross

Here is a cross I made from the last piece of Chad Nichols' Boardwalk mosaic damascus. This one's for my grandmother.
On another note, I just placed a large order for more stainless and high carbon/high contrast damascus.


Jerry Chacon said...

Joshua - That's a truly stunning piece. Way to go!

Anonymous said...


Love it! Stunning, meaningful and very classy!


CMac said...

I think that cross is so totally cool! I am amazed at what a little heat can do to bring out the hidden beauty. I know that your grandmother will love it. Am waiting to see what you will do with your new stock.

Wes said...

Cindy, I have pre ordered everything Joshua can possibly make from all his new stock. Sorry, there will be nothing left ;) hehehe

Really nice cross :)

CMac said...

Wowee! Wes, you must make a BUNCH of money at your job. Do you clank when you walk or do you carry all your JDR stuff in one of those rolling suitcases? Tee hee.

Ben said...

Be sure to post up pics of all that damascus stock when it arrives, Joshua. We've got to see it in the raw before you work your magic on it...

Anonymous said...

Josh, I am so impressed with your work and craftsmanship. I love the Mosiac damascas cross... REALLY!!!!
If you ever have a spare one laying around, give me a call! Great seeing you this weekend!

You favorite step-mom! =)