Sunday, May 16, 2010

Latest Orders including a New One

Here are two pieces I just finished up. One is a plain titanium Mini Makemake, and the other is a newer tool I'm adding to the lineup. This is the second I've made and it works great as a dedicated bottleopener. This one will be tethered to a barbecue pit to open cold ones for the owner while grilling:) I still haven't thought up a name for it yet.


CMac said...

Looking at the bigger tool it looks like some kind of animal with its head and tail down with the hole for an eye. Unfortunately, that doesn't fit in with the fish theme. I am sure that you will come up with something. They both look great! Bottles! We all need bottles!

Anonymous said...

Brewmake! :)

SpikeT said...

(the larger one) how about the "hedgehawg" (not "hedgehog" but "hedgehawg" :)

Looks kinda like a hedgehog to me, with the jimping on the back. :)

maybe we could talk about a custom one for me if you like the name. :D