Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mokume WorryStone/BottleOpener

Here's a neat piece I made both for myself, and as an experiment to see if it would make a durable bottleopener. It's made from Chad Nichols' 3Tone Scrambled Eggs pattern mokume.
black/blue= nickel silver
pink/red= copper
yellow/gold= brass
It's soft material, and feels and even smells like coinage, but has held up to opening a few bottles so far. It's good for "fiddling" with, and I use it much like a worrystone. It should show greater contrast and character as it ages, and fingerprint oils are actually good for this one:)
I may try to take another picture of it a little later to show how it has changed over time.
please pardon the whitish styrofoam dust that's clinging to it.


CMac said...

It is a interesting look. The metal really took the stamp. Open enough bottles=no worries.

vegassprky said...

Very nice look on this piece, really like the pattern!!! Keep up your experimenting, your getting some good stuff!! Gary :>)