Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stainless Damascus Makemake 2.5s

These are the latest 4 damascus pieces I've made while working down in what can only be described as the ninth circle of hell (aka. my shop) It has been hot!!! , and is only gonna get worse as the summer progresses.
left: Herringbone
2nd: Raindrop
3rd: Ladder
right: Spirograph

I still need to clean and polish each piece with Renaissance Wax, but wanted to snap a quick pic before I lost the light.

**I've also changed the names of this piece, as there is another knifemaker using the name "PryMate" for one of their models. In keeping with the Moai theme, I'm naming these Makemake, which is the term for the god of the Birdman Cult on Easter Island (Rapa Nui).


Brett said...

Don't they have that new-fangled thing called air conditioning down there in Texas?

The Lynx's Lair said...

What's this "air-conditioning" thing you speak of? ;)

My shop is a big metal building/garage, and I would need to try to insulate and seal it up really well to get any kind of efficiency out of a cooling unit. Of I did that (and I would like to), I'd need to get a serious air filtration system installed as well as insulation. At this time I just open up the big bay doors and put some fans in front of the grinder. I'm thinking of trying to find a giant swamp cooler or something that will move alot of air.