Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest Work and a New Forum

Here is a recent custom order I finished up for someone:)
Titanium PryMate Thumbnail with mosaic pin and ultragreen glowdot
The stainless damascus piece from a couple posts below
Titanium Baby Pacu with mosaic pin and ultrablue glowdot
Titanium Ported Baby Pacu with mosaic pin and ultragreen glowdot

As early as this evening, I should have my own forum on the USN (Usual Suspect Network)
This is the place where I met Larry Davidson who is ultimately responsible for introducing me to the world of metalworking and knife/tool making. I'm very excited about it and am exceedingly grateful to my friend John (aka Gadget Guy) for his help in making it possible. Come by and say hello if you get the chance!:)


Adrian said...

I love them all, but the thumbnail is my fave. WANT!

spiff d: said...

congra, will look for your forum on USN.

Brett said...

Beautiful work...keep it coming.


Jacob said...

Ill be looking for your new forum.
Congrats to you.