Thursday, June 17, 2010

Large Stainless Damascus Batch: Installment 3

Here are the last 4 pieces from the recent batch of Chad Nichols' stainless damascus.
left to right:
Constitution Baby Pacu
Iguana Baby Pacu
Iguana Hammerhead
Lizard Minnow


SpikeT said...

Forgive my ignorance; any for sale?

email me at spiket13 at gmail dot com


The Lynx's Lair said...

All of these pieces, plus a couple of others from the previous installment are available here:


CMac said...

There are never any stupid questions. Damascus is so nice. Waiting...waiting...waiting...

niimo said...

Yes, damascus is beautiful indeed! Great pieces.

I have to ask, do you plan to anything in raw bar in the near future? I have wanted a tool in raw bar for a long time.