Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Titanium Deco Mini Makemake Trio

The top piece is the Mini Makemake in the reverse orientation. I'm really not sure what qualifies a prytool/bottleopener as either left or right-handed, so I'll just refer to it as RO.
The bottom piece has a 1/8" optic rod port near the lanyard hole. It's translucent, but I can actually read text through it. This is the first time I've done this or seen it done, and I think it turned out pretty neat. Each piece is entirely handmade from titanium, and features a unique combination of glowdots and mosaic pins, both on the obverse and reverse. When doing both sides, I normally drill all the way through the piece and then apply the glowstuff, giving the piece the same pattern on the front and back. With this group, the fronts and backs were done separately. It takes more time, since there are two drying/waiting times involved, but I think they turned out really nice. Thanks for looking!


CMac said...

Those turned out really nice. A little extra effort is what makes everything you do...so worth it! Look out for the stampede of JDR junkies.

Wes said...

These are really awesome Joshua!
I probably should have snagged one :)

I am really happy to see how fast your stuff is selling out.