Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiamat/Thiamat the Stellite 6K DragonToe

These pics stink, as I had to take them in the house since it's dark. I think this one will remain a one-of-a-kind, so I can give it a formal name. I've been wanting to name one of these "Tiamat" after the DND main dragon. I was never into DND, but did watch the animated Saturday morning cartoon in the '80s, and always loved and was impressed by that dragon/character. I'll get better pics posted (daylight) tomorrow.This thing is sharp as hell, and actually scares the fine hairs off my arm; no shaving required. Also, I believe this is my first Stellite 6K blade.


CMac said...

Dungeons and Dragons?! I shake my head in disbelief-no not really. Amazing what the brain can recall or did you IMDB the cartoon? 'Fess up. I like the angles on the piece, but the "mood lighting" does make it difficult to see all the details.

Brett said...

Very nice piece my friend.

Jerry Chacon said...

I agree with Brett...very nice piece