Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stainless Damascus Barstock

Here's a quick shot of the 4 bars of D. Thomas Stainless Damascus that arrived today. I've also managed to order a few pieces of black Timascus and a couple of pieces of Talonite. It should be an interesting few weeks around here, and I'll update as I can.

Okay,...after doing some research, I had to cancel my order for the black Timascus. I spoke to Mr. Bybee, and he filled me in on the dangers/requirements to handle this material. After giving it some thought, it became clear that I don't have the proper equipment/experience (or bravery) yet to tackle it. It differs from white Timascus in that white Timascus is a combo of two ti alloys, while the black Timascus is a combo of a ti alloy and zirconium (I think I have that right....). The zirconium is HIGHLY volatile in the particulate/dust state and can ignite pretty much anything, though it's completely stable in solid form. I managed to pick up one more piece of Talonite in its place, and will order some white Timascus as soon as it's in stock. For more info on Talonite or Timascus, check out Alpha Knife Supply.


Jacob said...

Ok you must all ready know I definately want in on any damascus
So keep me posted.

Jacob said...