Sunday, November 2, 2008

Latest Damascus

As mentioned earlier, I have done a Thumbnail and a couple of Moai in various types of damascus in the past. Each piece I've done was for the same person, and was finished (heat treated and etched) by Ray Kirk at Raker Knives. Here are the latest two, Pacu Fledglings, made from Devin Thomas stainless raindrop damascus.

I highly doubt that I'll be able to do anything else in damascus anytime in the forseeable future, but I wanted to show off the latest pieces:)


Jacob said...

Well they are magnificent pieces,
Too bad there aren't any for sale.
I'd buy in a heartbeat. If so let me know.

Jacob said...

Ya uh let me know if one of those is for sale because I need one of those beauties.

The Lynx's Lair said...

Thanks Jacob!:)
They belong to the person and friend who supplied the damascus. Maybe I can contact Ray and have him finish a few pieces for me to put up for sale. I need to save up some $ though, as that damascus stock is expensive.
Jacob: email me when you get the chance:)

Jacob said...

You bet,
I just shot you an email.

Anonymous said...

Those pieces are awesome, like jacob mentioned, too bad they aren't for sale. Well Done! JOE

The Lynx's Lair said...

Thanks Joe:)

Hey Jacob, I didn't receive it for some reason. Try it again maybe? Looking forward to hearing from you, as I may be trying to do a few damascus tools soon:)

Jacob said...

That's funn you mention that because I have sent you about 20 emails since I have been buying stuff and I have not recieved one email back from you.
have you ever recieved any of my emails?.
i have a google account and maybe its going to your junk mail. I will send you an email from my farmers Insurance email address so look out for it and let me know if you don not recieve it then I will know if theres a problem.


The Lynx's Lair said...

Not a single one has ever showed up; I also tried to send a couple from the account paypal has listed for you. I did just receive the emails from the other two accounts:)

spiff d: said...

an drop point fire ant please....:P